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Sacha, Ethan and Camille are 10 years old and live in the small village of Castle Barat. They like to imagine stories and play the Knights of the Past Time. One night, they sleep under the stars and they will meet Paularc who comes from the future and who travels in the past. Injured, he will ask them to go and get his daughter, Dune, who stayed in the Middle Ages. Thanks to a magic tablet, the boys will go to the past and find Dune. It goes then that they thwart many traps to be able to return in the past.

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Season 1

1. The Knights of the past Time

Sacha, Ethan and Camille are playing around a ruined castle when they meet a man coming from the future, who asked for help : his daughter is trapped in the past!

2. "Save Dune" operation

The three boys have finally found Dune, in the Middle Age... They now have to find how to get back in the present.

3. Alédaïde

The children are looking for a temporal gate, but Ethan is missing...

4. Back to square one

At the edge of the castle, no signs of Ethan. Looking for him, the children will be identified and be locked in the dungeons ...

5. The Time correction

Thanks to the tablet, the children succeed in escaping but they aren't at the end of their adventures ...