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Je m'appelle Harry, je vis à Dublin et je vous propose d'apprendre l'anglais avec moi. Je publie 4 leçons par semaine.

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Saison 1

1. Lesson 1

The match was called off because the pitch was waterlogged and it will be replayed next week.

2. Lesson 2

In the 21st Century more and more people have found that they have a lot of leisure time. Time when they do not have to work or study.

3. Lesson 3

The robber was arrested and charged with the crime. He had to appear before the judge the following day to await his sentence.

4. Lesson 4

Banning cars from the city centre would help to reduce the air pollution and the city would therefore be a healthier place to live.

5. Lesson 5

I am going on a business trip tomorrow. My train departs at 7am. My wife will drop me off at the station if she has time. I am meeting my boss on the platform.

6. Lesson 6

I'm enjoying myself immensely at university. I've had the opportunity to meet some amazing people. There is never a shortage of activities to do on campus.

7. Lesson 7

Energetic and sociable helpers needed in our summer camp for 10 to 12 year olds. Must be able to speak English and French fluently and have a sense of fun and be very well organized.

8. Lesson 8

Last week I made a complaint in my local restaurant. The meat was raw, the chips were soggy and the tomatoes were rotten. The entire meal was overpriced. I refused to pay.

9. Lesson 9

Mary likes to send messages to her family back home.

10. Lesson 10

Our family goes on holiday every year to Spain.

11. Lesson 11

I'm sure James didn't mean to be unkind when he spoke to you this morning.

12. Lesson 12

You look unhappy. What are you thinking about?

13. Lesson 13

My son spends a lot of time hanging out with his friends.

14. Lesson 14

I decided to drop you a line as i hadn't heard from you for a few weeks.

15. Lesson 15

I am fine. How are things with you?

16. Lesson 16

It was raining hard when we arrived at the railway station.

17. Lesson 17

I don't have a lot of free time these days because i am studying for my exams.

18. Lesson 18

We have lived in this house since i was a small child.

19. Lesson 19

Even in an age when most women go out to work they still find themselves doing most of the chores.

20. Lesson 20

After they had finished their work, they headed off to the cafe for some refreshments.

21. Lesson 21

I think that should be fine,i'll call you back if there is a problem.

22. Lesson 22

In ten years time plenty of manual jobs will have disappeared.

23. Lesson 23

If he hadn't driven his car so fast, he wouldn't have crashed it.

24. Lesson 24

Michael was cooking the dinner when he cut his finger.

25. Lesson 25

I used to live here when i was young.

26. Lesson 26

When i got divorced at first it was difficult but i am used to living on my own now.

27. Lesson 27

My Grandmother would visit me every Saturday when i was growing up.

28. Lesson 28

If your tutor has to cancel a tutorial or put it off, he or she will try to tell you the week beforehand.

29. Lesson 29

He blushed with embarrassment when his mobile went off during the film.

30. Lesson 30

She isn't ashamed of making mistakes when she speaks other languages.

31. Lesson 31

I don't think someone should get sacked for making an honest mistake.

32. Lesson 32

Governments should make it easier for people to be more aware of green issues.

33. Lesson 33

What sport would you advise someone to take up in order to make friends?

34. Lesson 34

I didn't find working in the office much fun because my colleagues were not very friendly.

35. Lesson 35

Peter took us to see a very funny film which made us laugh a lot.